19.04.2004 Many things happened :-) Dunno what was updated during
	   two years of laziness, check for yourself :)
11.08.2002 Two Mp3 files (6/9 channel AY tunes) added
06.08.2002 The X-agon's definitive collection added to download section
16.10.2000 Oh shit, I hadn't RAWW ARSE in 
           my links, what a shame...
02.10.2000 Simple search function on Message Board added (thank Factor6 :-)) 
           Conversion utilities for PC and Emulators
15.09.2000 Something for music makers composing in SQ-Tracker!
01.05.2000 A few links added (Hellboy, Cygnus, Sweet Factory)
04.04.2000 Start page redesigned, conversion of Bellissima
21.02.2000 Elite, International Karate (DMA autotest)
26.01.2000 Board sorted due to the increasing length
14.12.1999 17mins 4k intro from Doxycon99 
08.12.1999 X-magazin 13/99 added, Tools_128 fixed
16.11.1999 Manual to Tools (Czech)
27.10.1999 X-magazin 12/99 added (czech diskzine)
26.10.1999 Devotion demo fixed by SS^SB
19.10.1999 Board improved (new useful features)
18.10.1999 666 and Devotion demos (Cafe'99) in TAP.
04.10.1999 Another 300Kb of stuff. See Paradox, Di:Halt and Cafe
           sections. And for J. Trasak it's Devastace usable in
           X128 as a Multiface utility (made by Tdm^K3l).
28.09.1999 About 0,5MB of demos and so on. I am sorting it at this moment.
           Cafe'99, Paradox'99 and Di:Halt'99 sites added.
           It should be: 
           Ray Eurodemo (E97)
           No Work (demo! by Factor6, check it out!)
           Dihalt99 music
           Workstop (DH99)
           Demodyin' (DH99) 
           Malady (intro - Cafe99)
           Muscate (DH99)
           7UP, 63/4-No exit (Paradox'99)
           Hooy prog demos - Crapmo, Cannon Ball
           CC999 intros (all intros in one file! By Serzh)
           -- wait for it!              
17.08.1999 Index.html altered - now without frames
08.08.1999 Major design changes and a total update of download section
01.08.1999 Doxycon'99 and Chaos Construction'99 results + one game
           in "Cracking" section (Quest for Tires)
30.07.1999 Virtual Player - D80 verze
29.07.1999 Singlecopy - upravene pro kopirovani Pt3 fajlu (cte pripony
           PB0123 - original cte PSBQNC)
28.07.1999 Download updated - Dc98gfx, Protracker3, X-magazin11, one d80
           utility (X-tension - hromadna zmena pripon)
12.07.1999 Doxycon'99 info, links
02.06 1999 Some additional iprovements
28.05 1999 New Message Board Open! (Otevrena diskuse - viz MESSAGES)
25.05.1999 In a few days new message board for Zx users will be open.
18.05.1999 Delayed Megademo in download section