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Note: All files are in .TAP and include '*' in each .tap - this means syntax for LOADing from BASIC on the D80/D40 disk systems. So, if you are not a D80/D40 owner, then remove these '*'.

Although, all files are in .TAP, there are some only for D80/D40 disk systems. They can be run on D80/D40 or in D80/D40 emulator on MB-02.

Enlight'97 Funtop'98 Doxycon'98
Complex Compo Chaos Construction'99 Doxycon'99
Paradox'99 Cafe'99 Di:Halt'99

Demos Games Utilities
Conversion utilities for PC and Emulators! Tuned HW envelopes for SQ-Tracker A few cracks by NC
The definitive X-agon's music collection (an archive of all my tunes (AY-EMULATOR)
Two digitunes for AYPlay from First Association eurodemo
AY-Play     AY-Make
Modified ST replayer - with digital drums!!! 5channel (3AY+2BEEP) routine!!!

Name Description
No Work 48K Factor6 - !!! -
CannonBall 48K Hooy Prog - 1999
Crapmo Hooy Prog - Basic "trackmo!" :-)
Lazarus Project 128K Dc_Pak/Claw - Great!
Das Broot 48 Coocoo & Pnsoft - 48k
Destructor Mortal 128 Omega & Qjeta - 128 only
Fuxoft Soundtracks 4 Fuxoft - legendary demo - 48k
Hypnotic World 128 Triton - Sampled 128 demo
Hypersonic 48 Agent-X^Exodus - watch it!
Marwin's Gallery 128/48 K3l Corp. - Gfx Show
Sorry 48 Claw - Nice demo 48
Hannah's Gallery 128 Mr.Bob & Hannah - 1998
Delayed Megademo - 128 remix KVL - 199? - remixed by Dc Pak
Emulate - gift Bob Skath/Pht for Raver/Pht
VVG - Intro 128 Virtual Vision Group
Delight 128 Virtual Vision Group
Dies Irae 128 Jordan of Exodus

Name Description
Bad demo - game Preview of never released game by MQM
International Karate - A Omega, +Gama(DMA autotest) - improved version! (music)
International Karate - B Omega, +Gama(DMA autotest) - improved version! (music)
Jet Set Willy 2 - 128 Omega - another improved version! (music (Rob Hubbard - X-agon's remake))
Kikstart 2 - 128 Another improved version! (nice Factor6's music)
Feud - 128 Another improved version! (music (J.C.Brooke - X-agon's remake)))
Ninja commando - 128 Another improved version! (music (Adam Gilmore - X-agon's remake)))
TinTin on the moon - 128 Another improved version! (music (Jeroen Tel - kool TDM's remake)))
Elite 128 Omega, +Gama(autotest) - DMA version (MB-02)


Naughty Crew Releases
Name Description
Stikman's World 128 demoNaughty Crew - my first "demo"
The Dream - 48 demoNaughty Crew
Naughty Crew - InfoNaughty Crew - In czech
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