Welcome to my old computer collection

Here you will find information about old computers, their parts and peripherals.

The main objective of this site is to provide information not only about technical specifications of old computers, but also instructions to make an old computer running again as well as how to use the old computers (retrocomputing) and its basic software.

You will not find large amount of software for these devices, but some files, needed to make them running, are in this site.

 Site news:

2017-01-31 Acquired and restored Robotron A7100 16-bit PC-like East German computer with proprietary monitor. Unfortunately without keyboard.

BTW: Internet Archive released lots of computer magazines do download or read online. You can browse the collection in its Internet Archive site.

2017-01-20 Hello in 2017. There are some new things in still constructed PC section as well as non-branded PC gallery which, when ready, will be also described. Some microcomputers were acquired, yet they need to be repaired and discovered properly.

SECURITY INFORMATION: Due to recent security problems, I have to remind that I don't plan to use Javascript on this site. If you see any JS code here and I haven't warned You about it, it means that it's not my code and is malicious. At all times, for better security, I recommend using NoScript addon (or equivalent for Your browser), this site may be blacklisted, it should be no Javascript here at all.

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