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Welcome to The Game Archives.

Here you will find old games for a lot of different systems.
You can easily select the files you want from the menu on the left.

Remember though these files are all served as is and some of them might not work properly or at all. Please do not contact me wether I have another version of game x.

Have fun.

28 june 2013

This isn't the first time I've gone without updates for such a long time but this time I wasn't sure if I'd ever do one again.
You see some time ago I got this e-mail that I was no longer allowed to place certain ads on my site which were paying for server costs and such. Which was weird because the site has been around for like 8 years and it was never a problem before.
I applied to other programs to try and get some costs back but to tell you the truth most ads are just crappy popups, unders, over whatever that really annoyed me. So now I just placed a donate button in some places which truthfully is rarely used as most people just download and then leave. No worries I won't mind that kind of thing at all. But sadly hosting such a huge amount of files isn't for free.

I was kinda depressed and such so I left for a while doing well other stuff that cheered me up like going fishing. Fishing is boring to some but when I put some bait on my hook and throw it in the water I feel relaxed, until I hook a big fish and I get a big thrill that is!
That is until the weather went bad and it starting raining, snowing and whatever which I don't like when going out so I was depressed again. I then thought why not play some fishing games from my own site! Well that's exactly what I did and it brought back some memories playing games like Jack Charltons Match fishing and Gone fishing. At least they allowed me to do some fishing while the rain was pouring down.

So now I finally had the energy to complete the Sam Coupe collection which you can find here: O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

I don't know when the next update will be and I will try to find some new ways to at least pay back some of my hosting costs.

20 januari 2013

The first update for 2013!

This time it's a quite obscure system once again, the Sam Coupe which was made by Miles Gordon Technology. It's very similar in hardware to the ZX Spectrum but it was nowhere near as popular selling only about 12.000 systems in its three year lifespan.

I uploaded half the roms (from 0-9 and letters A-O) this time and I will add the others next time round. Get them here:
Sam Coupe files starting with 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N and O.

30 november 2012

The last of the Commodore 16 files are here, almost 5000 of them!! Wow now I have to find a new system to add once more, meanwhile get the files here: Commodore 16 Z files

5 november 2012

The second to last update for the Commodore 16, files starting with a T, U, V, W, X, Y.

The Z section will have to wait because some group starting with a Z released a boatload of demo's, tools and other things. There's a couple of thousand! files there so I'll do them all next time.

3 october 2012

LOL at my updating schedule!
Suddenly almost four months have passed, only a few more and the year is already over...
Better get on with the Commodore 16 files as there are still some to go. This time games starting with an S.

8 june 2012

We're not even halfway through the Commodore 16 files and there are over 2100 files already after todays addition of 327 files. Check them out Commodore 16 files: N,O,P,Q,R.

30 may 2012

Yet more Commodore 16 games, 387 of them.
Commodore 16 games starting with the letter L, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter M.

30 may 2012

More Commodore 16 games, 324 to be precise.

Commodore 16 games starting with the letter H, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter I, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter J, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter K.

26 may 2012

Exactly 300 files more for the Commodore 16 which you can get here.
Commodore 16 games starting with the letter E, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter F, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter G.

19 may 2012

Continuing with the Commodore 16, there are 314 files added today.
Commodore 16 games starting with the letter C, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter D.

17 may 2012

I added a new category of files, the Commodore 16 to be exact, which was the little brother of my old favorite the Commodore 64.
There are tons of games available for it so I'm going to add them in smaller steps. Right now I've add 423 files, Have fun.

Commodore 16 games starting with a number, Commodore 16 games starting with the letter A,
Commodore 16 games starting with the letter B.

Also I've added similar games to the download page of each file.
For example if you were to download The last ninja for Commodore 64 on the bottom of the page it will now show you all files with the name "last ninja" for every different system. That's pretty cool huh and makes it much easier to navigate.

24 april 2012

I'm back with an update! After the last time I did a lot of stuff: sold my house, moved to a temp house, bought a brand new house, completely decorated and took care of the interior and moved in. And that's only the big things! There were tons of smaller things to take care of but now I'm quite ready to do some updating again.

Thankfully an update came my way because a friendly visitor of the site called Miami Bass send me a couple of Amiga games which are fixed to work on the Amiga 600 with kickstart 2.05. Apparently there is some demand for this so I am happy to add them to the site.
Thanks a lot and if anyone else has any games that are missing from the site I'd love to hear from you.

Archon & Archon 2 kick 1.3 patched
Archon for A600 kick 2.05 - 37.299+37.300
Archon for A600 kick 2.05 - 37.350
Stunt car racer super hard division
Top Gear 2 for A600 kick 2.05 disk 1
Top Gear 2 for A600 kick 2.05 disk 2.

28 august 2011

What a long way between updates but at least there is one! Not a big update but also a quite obscure machine, the Watara Supervision. It was released to compete with the original gameboy at an extremely low price, only about $50. Unfortunately many games were also released for the gameboy and it had no real high profile games so it was quickly abandoned after releas with only about 65 games in total. There is no complete collection for this system as there are about 44 currently and only a few which have been added in the last years so I guess there are some which will never surface again which is a shame.

22 januari 2011

More ancient roms as I added files for the TSR-80 Color Computer. This one was quite good for it's time with it's 1.79 Mhz CPU but it was a lot more expensive than the other system of the time. There aren't too many files (68) sadly but don't expect any more than that to show up as it's complete as far as I know.

4 december 2010

Another fairly obscure console is called the Vectrex, released at a time by General Consumer Electric and later Milton Bradley Company. It was one of the more unique ones as it had a buildin monitor and could display vector graphics. It only lasted a little while though, less than two years, which is a shame as it provided some unique things that others didn't. Anyway it has earned a place among the console of old at the game archives.

14 november 2010

I bet this console is unknown to almost all but the most avid collector, the Fairchild Channel F which was released in august of 1976. This 34 year old console has some interesting trivia such as the fact that it was the first console with enough power to have a player vs. computer mode and the first to use cardridges. Also it was partly designed by Robert Noyce who was the founder of Intel which I'm sure you've heard of.
The specs are laughable by todays standards, a resolution of 128x64 pixels, 8 colors and get this 64 bytes of memory. Yup that's right bytes, not even Kilobytes. :)
The collection is complete as there were only ever 26 games released.

6 november 2010

I added more games but this time it's a something more obscure than the previous ones. It for the
Sharp X1 which is a system only really release in Japan (like many others). Still worthy of collecting though even if the collection is less than 100 files.

abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring