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Microdrive  Microdrive programs and utilities.
Tools  Spectrum tools and utilities, snapshot, tapefile, etc. manipulation.
Jet Set Willy  JSW software, resources and documents for Spectrum, BBC and RISC OS.
JGH ROM  J.G.Harston modified Spectrum ROM.
Games  A handful of Spectrum snapshots and tapefiles.
BBC-Spectrum Linker  Link a Spectrum and a BBC to use the BBC's file resources.
Editors  Character set editors.
Backups  Some Spectrum microdrive cartridge contents I've started to recover.
ZXHost  Using a Spectrum as a Tube VDU host.
Backplane  Backplane system I developed for the Spectrum.
Circuits  Circuit diagrams for various Spectrum hardware, included hardware that I designed and built.
Hardware  Emulated hardware add-ons for Spectrum emulators.
CS-DISK  CS-DISK disk/printer/CPM interface.
BBC BASIC  BBC BASIC (Z80) for the Spectrum.
ProgTips  Programming tips
Coding  Various coding things.
Interface 1  Programming the Interface 1.
Screenshots  Spectrum Screen Shots.
Z80 Exerciser  Frank Cringle's Z80 opcode exerciser tweeked to run on the Spectrum. Useful to check the faithfulness of a Spectrum emulator's Z80 implementation. Full source code supplied, along with various snapshots and tapefiles.
EmulatedIO  A specification for emulating additional hardware on Z80 emulators such as the Spectrum
FileMap  Mapping Spectrum file information onto BBC/RISC OS file information.
Documents  Spectrum documents.
Z80 Info  Z80 documents.
ROM Images  Spectrum ROM Images.
Fonts  Fonts
Apps  Applications
Z80 Software  Various Z80 software.
Links  Links to various Spectrum Internet resources.
WOS Forums  World Of Spectrum Forum
comp.sys.sinclair  The Spectrum newsgroup.

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