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HADFS is a full hierarchial filing system similar to the NFS and ADFS systems. It runs on any 6502-based BBC computer, with any disk hardware. It has been tested on BBC B, BBC B+, Electron, Master and Compact and with various disk interfaces.

HADFS Version Six supports drives up to 4G and comes with built-in drivers for GoMMC/GoSDC and IDE drives. In the absence of any other ROMs, PAGE is at &1A00 on the BBC (&1900 with DFS 1.22) and at &1000 on the Master. If you disable DFS on the BBC then PAGE will drop to &1800.

The System Disk comes with complete documentation as well as demo and support programs. HADFS is freely distributable, but remains copyright © J.G.Harston. You are free to implement HADFS filers and filing systems on other systems.

6.00 20-Apr-2012 400K
Latest version HADFS System Disk disk - Version 6.00
System.ssd is an H:C:S (sequential) disk image and System.dsd is a C:H:S (interleaved) disk image. The images can be written to disk with the DiskTools disk image tools, with the HADFS BACKUP program and the RISC OS HADFS Filer.
HADFS can be installed on the GoMMC/GoSDC with the program MMCHADFS, instructions are here.
MMCHADFS is also on the System Disk.
6.00 20-Apr-2012 110K HADFS source files for version 6.00.
You are free to use code from these in other works, with acknowledgement.
HADFSMan       HADFS Manual. Technical reference and programming examples.
Filers 1.33 28-Nov-1999   HADFS Filer for RISC OS.
BBC Micro running HADFS

NOTE: HADFS before version 5.50 does not support dates after 2012. If you have an earlier version of HADFS you should replace it. I can replace early version HADFS ROMs free of charge. The 5: Check disk dates option of HUtils can be used to check disks for dates that HADFS will misinterpret, and fix them.

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