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BBC MIDI interface
BBC MIDI interface
This was inspired in 1989 by a circuit diagram reflected in the glasses of a person on the cover of a computer magazine. I extrapolated the rest of the circuit and built the interface. After several hours trawling through Stirling University library in 1990 I discovered the original schematic in the April 1987 edition of Electronics Today International.
jgh.gif 71K  JGH circuit diagram. (picture, picture)
jghwd1.gif 51K  JGH wiring diagram.
MIDI.zip  5K  *MIDI command, redirects SOUND to MIDI port.
MIDI.txt  6K  *MIDI documentation.
eti.gif 101K  April 1987 ETI circuit diagram.
epe.gif  71K  March 1985 EPE MIDI interface circuit diagram (incomplete).
emr.gif 79K  Electromusic Research circuit diagram. (picture, picture)
m2000.gif 50K  Colin Fraser's M2000-compatible MIDI interface. SOUND can be redirected with *MIDI &FC08, *MIDI &FC0A or *MIDI &FC0C for MIDI port 1, 2 or 3. (picture, picture)
6850Ports 3K  6850 ACIA ports.
MIDI    MIDI software and resources.
Notes on JGH BBC MIDI interface      Other notes

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