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Title Version Date Files Size Description
Remote Print Despooler 1.94 12-Jul-1999 RemDesp.zip 3K A complete rewrite of the despooler supplied with the SJ MDFS. It handles years correctly, can despool multiple printers to multiple ports, and can poll the printer queue at configurable intervals. Comes with full technical information and manual pages.
File Servers     File Servers   File Servers
Password File editors     PWEditors   Password File editors
MDFS Utils     Utils.zip 12K Tweeked MDFS utilities. Editpass with additional options. Multicopy with progress display.
Talker Network Conferencer 5.23 01-Mar-1999 Talker.zip 16K Network conferencer. Works with Econet, Ethernet and any other network that supplies network functions through EconetRx and EconetRx. Works with all Acorn machines from BBC to Archimedes/RISC OS.
BeebFrame 0.04 12-Feb-1999 bf.zip 32K Update of Roger Wilde's BeebFrame network terminal system. A RISC OS server and a BBC/Master client which allows BBCs to run multi-tasking RISC OS sessions. Comes with BBC BASIC networking library and a simple peer-to-peer chat program.
EcoTCP 0.14 16-Apr-1996 EcoTCP.zip 40K Philip Blundell's IP over Econet for BBCs. Contains Philip's original ADE+ source, the source converted to BBC BASIC and the assembled ROM. There are a couple of bugs in the ROM which I may have a look at.
EcoMail 1.11 12-Mar-1991 EcoMail.zip 21K James Coates' simple ADFS/Econet email program. Mail messages are stored in PRINT# format inside the EcoMail directory, so you have to *DIR to the EcoMail directory, or log on as the owner of the EcoMail directory.
NetGames         Network games, including ArenaII and MUGINS. NB: If anybody has a copy of CAVE, I would appreciate a copy.
NetUtils     NetUtils.zip 6K Network utility commands - *STATIONS, *SERVERS, *SET, *FSLIST, etc.
NetLib.zip     NetLib.zip 135K Full network library.
ARMLib.zip     ARMLib.zip 13K RISC OS network library.
BLib         Net, NetFS, NetServer and NetUtils programming libraries.
Windows         Hints and tips on networking with Windows machines. Tips on setting default paths and condiguring software to run over networks and access users' home areas.

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